6 Tips to Make You Look Gorgeous in Video Conversations

Come to the Daylight

During your meetings during the day, be sure to take natural light in front of you. Facing the window during your conversations prevents hard shadows on your face and helps you look better. If the sun hits directly on your window, you can stay in a shaded area to prevent the sun from bothering you and getting out too bright. You can also make your face brighter thanks to white cardboard you will have on your desk.

Whether your camera is at eye level or higher

Wide-angle lenses are used in front cameras on tablets and phones. This causes your face to look rounder and larger than it is. To prevent this, you can position the camera away from your face. Especially, if you set your camera to be at eye level or a little higher, your image will be much more beautiful.

Get Support from Makeup

It is possible to create a photoshop effect with light makeup. With the BB cream, you will apply, you can balance your skin colour and cover the shining areas with a transparent powder. You can increase the effectiveness of your smile with the blush you put on your cheeks and you can have more effective looks with your eye makeup. Finally, you can prevent drying out with the moisturizer you put on your lip.

Use Light Support

You may need to get support from the lights in your home during your evening meetings or when the daylight (5500K*) is insufficient. When doing this, make sure that the light does not come directly to your face. Turn your desk lamp or light source onto the wall to reflect the light from here. The light reflected from the wall will provide an even and soft illumination of your face.
It will assist you with adequate lighting for your ceiling light, but make sure that the main light comes from behind the camera. Let the light never come behind you. Have your face always facing the light.

Get Rid of Background Crowd

Get rid of the crowd that will appear in the background so that attention can stay on you. In front of a light wall, you can choose the funds with a plant or a plain trinket at the back.

If Your Computer Camera Is Insufficient, You Can Consider Getting A Webcam

Separate From The Background With Your Color Choice

Remember that the simpler and different your background colour is, the better your look can be. Finally, be careful not to move upright and move too much in your conversations.

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